DJ NICO delivers a rollercoaster ride of music to an action pact dance floor. Adding movment to the dance floor with color, lighting and even the classic mirror ball effect elivates the energy of any room and dance floor

Lights Sound Action


DJ NICO Mixing up a great blend of Latin music

for lively crowd at a Holiday Party. Being able to read and react to a crowd is the difference between a good DJ and a great DJ. Knowing what songs to play at what time and for what crowd is not something that is learned over the course of a few gigs. It takes years to learn the art. Any one can play canned music, not everyone can read a crowd.

Music For All Crowds

DJ NICO & Ck Sax playing some deep house at a corporate event.

This is concept of DJ with live sax is unique and adds a little wow factor to your events. Perfect for cocktail receptions, corporate events and weddings. Live entertainment with DJ gives you the best of both worlds and keeps your guests entertained.

DJ & Live Sax

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